Garlic Olive Oil Bread Dipping Seasoning

Garlic Olive Oil Bread Dipping Seasoning

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About 14 years ago, we were heading out on a family camping trip to Baxter State Park in Maine.? As we were planning for the trip, I was asked to plan and purchase the meals/food for the week. I purchased food for 10 people for 7 days of hiking, canoeing, andamp; meals.? I purchased $90.00 worth of jerky thinking the guys would like that for hiking. Knowing my husband was diabetic, I wanted to ensure he had good healthy choices that included protein. ? As we were packing that evening, I asked him where all the jerky was, and he stated?that he ate it all! ? One week later on our drive home, I asked him to stop at the store so I could pick up some supplies to make our own jerky. ? Now, we are enjoying ?our 4th year of our jerky business, have added a huge line of seasonings and dips, and are loving everything we are doing!

Garlic Olive Oil Bread Dip and Seasoning is another great product for the garlic lovers out there.

Directions: Mix 1/2 tsp. of Garlic olive oil bread dip and seasoning with 1 cup plain olive oil. Mince 1 clove fresh garlic and add to the oil blend. Stir well and let sit for a few minutes to a few hours for the flavors to fully develop. Serve with a nice crusty bread for dipping. Adding a splash of good Balsamic vinegar for an even more flavorful dip.


each 28 gram packet contains a blend of kosher salt, garlic powder, parsley, oregano, spices

Gluten Free