Jasmine Pearls

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  • It’s no wonder many reach for these pearls to help them find an inner calm and relax. Watching the tightly rolled, green-white pellets unfurl as they steep to reveal long, thin strands is slightly hypnotic. Equally as pleasing is the delicate, sweet aroma of these fragrant, Jasmine infused pearls.

    This blend contains caffeine.


    Hand rolled green tea with jasmine petals

    Brewing Recommendations

    Teas are like people, each is different and there is no one way to prepare a cup. Use this as a starting point for brewing this tea as you explore its unique characteristics. You may find different times of day or moods, you like to use more or less tea, brew it for a different amount of time….Whatever you do, have fun discovering your perfect cup!

    Tea Brewing recommendations6 balls

    8 oz/237 ml


    2-3 minutes

    Some teas are recommended for brewing with boiling water, while others are brewed at lower temperatures. Even when brewing a tea at a lower temperature, it is recommended that you first boil the water (to kill bacteria etc.) and then allow the water to cool to the correct temperature (ice cubes speed up the process). While you can certainly brew any tea with boiling water, it will change the flavor of the tea.
    Grown and prepared in China.

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