Placebo Mints

Placebos mints are “remedies” for a variety of social-emotional issues. Inside each package, tasty mints and a tiny scroll with “dosage instructions,”.


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Placebos mints are “remedies” for a variety of social-emotional issues, like procrastination, family drama and political despair, to name a few. Inside each package, in addition to our tasty mints, is a tiny scroll of paper that explains the placebo effect and gives “dosage instructions,” as well as practical advice for whatever that problem is.The Placebo EffectA placebo is anything that seems to be a real?? medical treatment??but isn’t. Placebos Mints do not contain an active substance meant to affect health. However, the Placebo Effect is a beneficial effect, produced by a placebo pill or treatment, that cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient’s belief in that treatment. Many studies have proven that the Placebo Effect is real. Your mind is a powerful thing??use it to your own benefit and healing.

General Suggestions:

Dissolve 3-4 tablets in mouth as needed. Best results are achieved when:

  • You absolutely believe your desired effect will result.
  • You are calm while the tablet dissolves; with your eyes closed, imagine in great detail a positive outcome from the problem you’re having.
  • You combine use of Placebos with reaching out for help. Talk to a friend who knows how to listen; this usually helps most people find their way to a solution.


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